Migration News Update: Australia has shifted to “guest worker state” affecting temporary visa holders

There has been a wide range of exploitation for temporary visa holders according to the latest news of The Guardian. Australia has now turned totally into a “guest worker state”.

According to the Migrant Workers Centre, 65% of temporary visa holders had experienced wage theft problem

Around 700 temporary visa holders in Australia have been interviewed and according to that report it can be seen that there is a strong barrier between workplace exploitation and temporary visa status. Reports also show that 91% of workers who have experienced wage theft arrive on visas with no link to PR. Expert education consultants or Australian Migration Agents help you to get the required visa by fulfilling all the requirements. The report observed it was turning out to be progressively hard to migrate to Australia or study in Australia, with simply 13.5% of respondents figuring out how to get permanent residency after their arrival, a cycle that requires 5.1 years on average.

Indian Migrant Worker Real Experience

Indian migrant worker named Paramjit, who didn’t let her last name be utilized, has been in Australia for a very long time (around 13 years) and says she has spent somewhere in the range of $50,00 and $60,000 on charges identified with her visa.

“We are not treated as expected contrasted with other countries,” Paramjit said.

“We were never given any advantages and we pay tax. It’s discrimination. We get nothing back. I told my sibling not to come to Australia.”

Paramjit wanted to get a study visa for Australia, trained as a beautician in Victoria, and worked for free for six months, before moving to Tasmania.

She is presently working in regional NSW. After being on five distinct visas she is waiting to hear if her 6th will be endorsed – an 887 visa, which gifted specialists in local regions, can get as a feature of a pathway to long-lasting residency. She applied 20 months prior.

Her child, who was brought into the world in 2012, will be an Australian resident in a month. “They don’t think about migrants, we are only here to give cash.”

The report migrants were encouraged to sign up for educational courses after applying for a student visa Australia Click Here to Read Full News

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