Carpentry and Painting

Carpentry | Painting Course in Melbourne

Highly skilled Carpenters and Painters will always have demand in future for construction industry. A majority of international as well as domestic students enrol for Carpentry and Painting Course in Melbourne, Australia.

Professional carpenters and painters play a major role in the success of the construction industry. Sanguine Migration’s team of professional offer apprenticeships for Carpentry and Painting to meet all your ambitions.

If you like working with your hands and enjoy building and construction work, then learning Carpentry and Painting in Australia could be an option for you.


The last few years have seen a boom in the Australian construction industry, and this has resulted in the need for a lot of skilled carpenters and painters. This is especially true of the residential market, where carpenters are needed to help in the installation of building components like framework, cladding, roof trusses and so on), as well as laying out wooden flooring, support beams, and joinery work.

All of this makes Carpentry a high-demand trade in Australia and makes this a field with a huge scope, as no building or structural work is completely complete without the help of a carpenter.